Helena Revuelta

Visual Artist
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Born in Madrid.

Lives and works in Málaga.

Schools of Arts and Crafts Madrid.

School of Graphic Arts (Graphic Design) Madrid.

Her academic career begins at the Faculty of Philosophy in Madrid, however her early artistic inclinations soon lead her to pursue initial endeavours in search of essential artistic techniques in various art workshops, among them that of the artist and photographer Ángel Úbeda where she developed her critical eye collaborating with him as an assistant in different projects. She acquired a more formal training at the School of Arts and Crafts and the School of Graphic Arts in Madrid. After several years during which she worked at graphic design, she expands her artistic skills with several workshops at the Royal College of Art in London.

"Projections of a startled reality and subversion of rationality" as one critic described her work, a description found in the monograph "Yesterday’s Truth is Today’s Let-down" that Antonio Leyva devoted to the studio of her work. The career of Helena Revuelta, with relatively already promising and significant public appearances (Madrid, Miami, New York...) confirms the uniqueness of her language, radically alien to the current aesthetic purisms and norms that make a great part of our contemporary art homogeneous and repetitive.

Her personal aesthetic experience, in which contradiction and vehemence team up to expose the hermetic and often inaccessible darkness in which the distortions singling out feelings take refuge, is firmly anchored to a vague but very decisive and eloquent poetic spirit in conflict with media and technological arrogance.”

"Antonio Leyva: Member of the Spanish and International Associations of Art Critics"

Helena Revuelta is a member of EmPoderArte, International Association of Women Artists, working to give greater visibility to women in the art world.

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