Helena Revuelta

Visual Artist
My work is the result of a process of inner exploration. Something akin to an existential adventure. My inspiration: always from within, giving free reign to my imagination and painting what comes to mind. I feel like I am navigating an endless river with unknown direction, delving into the states of my consciousness in order to discover the most fantastic and strange places hidden my mind.

Initially I conceive the idea in my subconscious, either through sketches and quick drawings or from photographs of landscapes or suggestive locations.

My compositions, in which I use as media, oils, acrylics, mixed media and photography, often reflect solitary characters, appearing as threadlike figures, lost amongst sublimated landscapes of the mind, paradoxes and subjective projections, where the unreal or non-existent becomes the foundation of a theory of bubbles, swirls, spirals, birds, animals in formation, spectral and sinuous clouds, buildings that seem about to dissolve, docks, stairs leading nowhere, aquatic immersions...

While my thoughts unfold between the known and the unknown, the work as it progresses without expressing anything definite, acquires its own means of existence. In the solitude of my studio and without any commitment to reality, I abandon the known and learned in exchange for my own creative freedom.

The work I present is the expression of a parallel world in which I live together with my characters, always willing to share with and offer the observer the opportunity to abstract, ramble, let go and hallucinate... or else encourage them to think and maybe thus expose the incomprehensible alignment and loss in which the rational subject lives... It all depends on how "the mood of the observer" contemplates the work.
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