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My work is the result of a process of inner exploration. An existential adventure. My source of inspiration: always from within, giving free rein to the imagination and giving way to landscapes sublimated by my mind. I feel like I am navigating an endless river with an unknown destination. Painting, for me, is a way of being to which I dedicate a great deal of time and in which I have been working for many years.

Initially, I conceive the idea in my collective imaginary of chimerical dreamscapes, either through sketched and quick drawings or from photographs of landscapes or suggestive places.

In my compositions I use as media, oils, acrylics, mixed media, and photography and since two years digital art, the latter which, if possible, opens up even more paths for me to further indulge in my imaginary voyages.

While my thoughts unfold between the known and the unknown, the work as it progresses, without expressing anything tangible, acquires its own means of existence. In the solitude of my studio and without any commitment to reality, I abandon the known and the learned in exchange for my own creative freedom.

The work I present is the expression of a parallel world in which I live together with my characters, always willing to share with and offer the observer the opportunity to abstract, ramble, let go and hallucinate... or else encourage them to think and maybe thus expose the incomprehensible alignment and loss in which rational people live... It all depends on how "the mood of the observer" contemplates the work.

BOSCHLAND -El Bosco's route to the present day-

The exhibition "Boschland - El Bosco's route to the present day -" is a collection of mixed-media works on canvas, which is largely based on approaching through my own pictorial interpretation the work of El Bosco, his time and ours. The collection was exhibited for the first time at the Orfila gallery in Madrid in 2017.