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Helena Revuelta is a visual artist born in Madrid and currently resides and works in Malaga. She received her formal education in plastic arts and graphic design from the School of Art La Palma and the School of Graphic Arts in Madrid. Parallel to her formal education, she honed her artistic skills in various professional workshops with renowned masters of painting. After working in graphic design for some years, she went on to expand her artistic training by attending different workshops at the Royal College of Art in London. Helena Revuelta has exhibited her work nationally in Madrid, Malaga, La Rioja, Marbella, Soria, San Sebastián, Cáceres, Badajoz, and internationally in Miami, Austria, Seoul, New York, Luxembourg, Italy, Paris, Germany, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.


My artwork reflects my journey of self-discovery- an adventure of the soul. The inspiration for my creations always stems from within, giving my imagination the freedom to conjure up landscapes that only exist in my mind. It's like navigating an endless river without a clear destination in sight. Since 2000, I have been deeply committed to painting as a means of expression and reflection, devoting a significant part of my life to this passion.

My art offers a glimpse into an alternate world where my creations come to life, inviting viewers to explore, dream, and contemplate. My intention is to encourage people to think deeply and question the rationality of modern society through my art. How my work is interpreted depends entirely on the observer's mood and perception.

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"Her personal aesthetic experience, in which contradiction and vehemence team up to expose the hermetic and often inaccessible darkness in which the distortions singling out feelings take refuge, is firmly anchored to a vague but very decisive and eloquent poetic spirit in conflict with media and technological arrogance."

"Antonio Leyva: Member of the Spanish and International Associations of Art Critics."


Solo Shows

2023 - "New Dawn", Kempinski Art Series, Kempinski Bahía - Estepona
2022 - Marina Plaza Showroom (Shaping New Dimensions) - Sotogrande
2022 - Marina Plaza Showroom (New Dawn) - Sotogrande
2017 - Galería Orfila (Boschland) – Madrid
2016 - La Roca Atelier (Fantasy Games) – Málaga
2015 - Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery (Spanish Artists in Miami) – Miami
2014 - Galería Orfila (Yesterday's Truth is Today's Let-down) – Madrid

Group Shows

Espacio Expositivo Pacífico 54 / Diputación de Cultura, "Presencias 57" - Málaga.

SENS Gallery “Essence Of The World“ - Hong Kong.
OCCO Art Gallery “Verano” - Madrid.

Centro Cultural Mieres “Brujas” - Mieres.

Centro Cultural de Okendo Donosti “Traficadas, Camino hacía la esclavitud” - Spain.
Muestra D’Arte Contemporanea “Al tempo delle streghe” - Benevento, Italy.
Magpie Gallery “Puro Arte” - Marbella.

Parlamento de La Rioja “10º Certamen Nacional de Pintura”, finalist - La Rioja, Spain.
Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery - Miami.
Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten - Austria.
Galeria Orfila “Exposición Arte Fantástico” - Madrid.
Fundación Dearte (COAM) - Madrid.
Palacio de Medinaceli - Soria.

Art Fairs in which she has participated with her work

2023 - Artist360 Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid
2022 - C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany
2018 - Art3f, Paris
2018 - Luxembourg Art Fair
2017 - We Are Fair, Madrid
2016 - Art Marbella, Málaga
2016 - Artexpo Chicago, USA
2015 - Donostiartean, San Sebastián
2015 - Miami Art River
2015 - Art Fair Conrad Seoul
2015 - Art Expo Miami
2015 - Artexpo New York, USA
2015 - XIV Feria de Arte Palacio de Medinaceli, Soria
2015 - XIV Feria de Arte COAM, Madrid

Her work can be found in private collections in Spain, Iran, UAE, USA and UK.

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