BOSCHLAND -El Bosco's route to the present day-

The exhibition "Boschland - El Bosco's route to the present day -" is a collection of mixed-media works on canvas, which is largely based on approaching through my own pictorial interpretation the work of El Bosco, his time and ours. The collection was exhibited for the first time at the Orfila gallery in Madrid in 2017.

Boschland, is based on a theory of oddities, allegories and juxtapositions of contradictory and unexpected scenarios inspired by El Bosco’s work, all exalted by the colourful sinuous and undulating forms that are characteristic of my pictorial style.

With provocative intent at times and in a random and innocent way at others, I intermingle characters of El Bosco with present day images, creating a surreal and chaotic environment where everything is exposed as if it were a strange dream .

El Bosco lived during the transition period of the Middle Ages and the revival of the Renaissance. It was a turbulent time marked by the rise of capitalism, war and religious conflicts, with much uncertainty and human suffering throughout Europe. Now, at the beginning of the 21st Century, we are moving inexorably towards the decadence of capitalism and the crumbling of the foundations of social, moral and human values, with the same human suffering, conflicts and equal uncertainty on a global level.

With these works, I wanted to present the observer with my particular testimony of the reality in which we live through the work of El Bosco, his age and the continued relevance of his art in our present time.

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