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NEW BLOOD ART GALLERY, Art Statement on Helena Revuelta by Sarah Ryan, United Kingdom 2023

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New Blood Art Statement "The blue contact Helena Revuelta provides with her commitment to the colour produces plush contours, possibly on the verge of letting go of form and shape. The landscapes are full of vectors, amalgamations, portals; unpeopled but very alive. They swirl, morph, reset, cascade, bloom again; the verb plateaus and you coast the broad affect of their strangeness. Crisps outlines offset the flow, the soft paint is blurred but clearly luminous. Sometimes the painter will use pale tones, even white, to make the deeper tones surge. The stylised, silhouetted delineations can be painted on linen. They bring to mind the specificity of Georgia O'Keeffe's undulations, or Yayoi Kusama's repetition informing a unique diction (the two artists corresponded when both based in the US). The proximity and distance of the artist's world pulsate in Revuelta's work. More than a rational response, the works compel engagement without an easy fix: welcoming you into wider environs, with mysterious possibilities of relating. Multiple contemporary art influences are visible from Yayoi Kusama, Matthew Wong to perhaps the obvious comparison to Georgia O'Keeffe with these sinuous, organic forms. Here's a dreamy palette and all forms seem on the brink of dissolution, evolution, transformation: fluid change. There's something deeply fertile about this work. Matthew Wong's work was once described as having 'fleeting moments of perfect stillness', and there's something of that spirit in these works too. Otherworldly, utopian, very beautiful; we are delighted to welcome Helena to the gallery." - Sarah