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"Nuevo Amanecer" Solo Exhibition at Kempinski Art Series, Hotel Kempinski Bahía, Estepona February 2023

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This series of works is inspired by the beauty and power of nature in its eternal struggle to temper the devastation caused by mankind.

I believe that our time has contended at all costs on bending -through the subtle manipulation of the unconscious- our will and common sense to amass profit and power, leaving the individual totally stripped of moral criteria and displacing their capacity for introspection and consequently, unable to react and perceive where the limits are.

One of the most repeated thoughts in my mind lately: My concern about the inexorable advance of climate change caused by the careless destruction of our environment. Perhaps because I listen to the voice of my subconscious, my deepest perceptions are deliberately expressed in these works to remind us of how the beauty and power of nature temper the devastation caused by mankind.

If we do not act now, our society, which justifies the atrocities and desecration that it commits -as necessary for the continuance of our existence- paradoxically, will cause our world to be a metaphor of expiration...

Helena Revuelta, February 2022