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I'm so excited to show my series "Shaping New Dimensions" in Marina Plaza showroom, Sotogrande.

SHAPING NEW DIMENSIONS "The utopia that was our world has just been dismantled." The crises of recent years, such as climate change, social injustice, the COVID pandemic, have proven to be significantly connected. ...

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ASPARKÍA, Investigació Feminista, CUERPOS EN VENTA, Número 33. 2018 UNIVERSITAT JAUME I, Valencia.

I am proud that one of my works on the subject of surrogate pregnancy has been featured in a publication by the University Jaume I in Valencia, titled "Bodies and Market in the Era of Precariousness"

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Spain, a business that circulates around five million Euros every day. Spanish law focuses on the dismantling of prostitution networks in a Comprehensive Plan that was updated in 2015. It provides comprehensive assistance to victims, but experience shows that it is not enough, due to the complexity of the problem. and the little resources available.

To ...

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The exhibition "Boschland - El Bosco's route to the present day -" is a collection of mixed-media works on canvas, which is largely based on approaching through my own pictorial interpretation the work of El Bosco, his time and ours. The collection was exhibited for the first time at the Orfila gallery in Madrid in ...
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La Presidenta del Parlamento ha destacado “la calidad de las 485 obras presentadas en esta décima edición, una muestra representativa del panorama artístico español”

La Presidenta del Parlamento, Ana Lourdes González, acompañada por el Jurado y por la Coordinadora del Certamen ha hecho público el fallo de esta edición del ...

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One of my works is featured in an Exhibition about infant theft in Spain in the last century, organised by EMPODERARTE. The exhibition was on view in different locations throughout Spain during 2016-2017.

Where everything is monetized, where everything that does not have ...